Coolest Pet Contest 2020

To reduce Infant Mortality in Columbus and Indiana, Meridian Kiwanis is partnering with Riley Hospital for Children, March of Dimes, and Columbus Regional Health’s Infant Mortality Prevention Team.

UPDATE: The 2020 Coolest Pet in Columbus needs your help!

Welcome back from Spring Break.  It’s a new world with concern over the COVID-19 illness. The sickness and the social distancing and the kids home from school are the focus of our attention. Yet, the need to reduce infant mortality is still there. So while you are all home, log in to the 2020 Coolest Pet web site and see how many new pets have been added. Admire them all and VOTE for your favorites. We really need your help! We will name some winners, but we may need to adjust the date of contest ending and /or the celebration to comply with health restrictions.

Coolest Pet Contest – FAQ’s

What are we doing?

  • This Kiwanis sponsored contest raises money by voting ($1 per vote) for the Coolest Dog or Cat in Columbus.

Why are we doing this?

  • 600 babies in Indiana die before their first birthday each year.
  • Indiana’s infant mortality rate is among the highest in the nation.
  • Mortality rate comparable to a third world country
  • Many of these deaths are preventable. We cannot wait to act when babies’ lives are at stake.

How will the money be used?

  • March of Dimes:
    • Researching a newly developed blood test which predicts premature birth. However, this test has not been implemented nationwide.
  • Riley Children’s Foundation:
    • Create a new Riley Fetal Center with a goal of saving 137 babies per year by reducing Indiana’s fetal mortality to the national average.
  • Healthy Communities Infant Mortality Prevention Team
    • Support a Baby Fair this fall to screen for risk factors, provide education and support healthy choices

Register your Coolest Pet or Vote for your favorite at :